Safa Neima is the brainchild of Mrs. Blimie Lampel, a 40+ year classroom veteran with extensive experience in teaching both Hebrew Language and Dikduk as well as developing curricula for these subjects. Early in her career, Mrs. Lampel noted the lack of continuity from one school year to the next, as well as the absence of any system to reinforce previously gained skills. Likewise, Dikduk had traditionally been taught by rote: students were typically given root words and taught their various conjugations and tenses by extension. Students were generally not mastering these subjects with the hoped-for measure of success.

There had to be a better way. Based on her own experience, exhaustive research, and trial-and-error, Mrs. Lampel gradually perfected the Safa Neima program. The system empowers students of different skill levels with the tools to successfully master Hebrew with fluency and retention. Each grade level’s curriculum segues seamlessly to the following year’s curriculum for a cohesive age-based progression. Safa Neima is supplemented by a comprehensive Dikduk Program geared for students grade 3-6, known as Dikduk Bli Dema.

How it works

The Safa Neima and Dikduk Bli Dema programs were designed from both a teacher’s and student’s perspective.
Teachers Editions
Student Workbooks

Teachers Editions

The comprehensive Teacher’s Guide is the heart of the program’s success.
  • Very user-friendly
  • Includes clearly outlined and defined objectives for each unit
  • Includes a scripted manual for games
  • A supplementary Teacher’s Packet provides full color visual aids for each lesson.
  • Workshops and ongoing support are provided as part of the programs.

Student Workbooks

  • Context – Experience shows that students absorb vocabulary words with greater success when words are presented in context, in contrast to learning in isolation.
  • Oral Reinforcement – Each lesson includes oral exercises that serve to strengthen students’ Hebrew speaking skills. This includes Hebrew songs as well as scripted dialogues acted out by students, adding a dimension of conversational speaking.
  • Activities & Games – The curriculum incorporates fun educational activities and engaging games which make the learning more enjoyable while simultaneously reinforcing knowledge.
  • Reading Comprehension – The curriculum places emphasis on promoting comprehension of stories in contextual reading reinforcing skills and meanings they have already gained.
  • Assessments - The acclaimed lomdei.com offers Safa Neima assessment programs.
  • Whole Language Approach – Rather than using memory-based charts with root words and their various conjugations, the program maximizes comprehension by conveying dikduk rules in the fluid context of real sentences.
  • Discovery – Teachers challenge students to figure out correct applications of rules and concepts they have integrated. Rather than feeding the answers to students, the teacher leads them to observe and identify these rules on their own.
  • Innovative Dikduk Cheers – Catchy cheers that illustrate dikduk principles serve as a powerful reinforcement tool.
  • Engaging All Learners – The program is designed to be meaningful and engaging to all students encompassing a full range of aptitudes and interests, using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques.
  • Oral reinforcement – As in Safa Neima, lessons include oral exercises to strengthen dikduk speaking skills.
  • Sentence Writing – This exercise is most effective in encouraging students to apply and reinforce the skills they have mastered.
  • Quick Bell Work Drills – Keeps students actively engaged and alert as they implement newly acquired skills in real-time application.
  • Assessments – A cumulative review at the end of each unit serves as a valuable assessment tool for teachers. Grades 4-6 include designated summative assessments at the end of each unit.

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